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Drawing done entirely with Tablet (no scanned)

Drawing straight to the tablet on Gimp 2.6.7. No GEGL used. Not sure if I should go to paint or more realistic.


Rob Mitchell said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
nicu said…
I can't advise either about a direction to take with the drawing, that is your style and it is supposed to suit you.

I think is something wrong with the image, like the person does not have a neck or stay somewhat hunched, with the chin too close to the chest, something not fitting the smile.

And what about GEGL? What if you have used it? Benefits? Drawbacks?
I see what you mean. The hijab hides the neck. I will fifix that on my next update. I will try GEGL on Gimp to see if that change something.
nicu said…
I don't expect any change from using GEGL, it is a drop-in replacement of the rendering libraries which enables some features you are not using here (I believe).
You are right. GEGL is only useful for tools like Saturation and stuffs.

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