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Readying Fedora Design Suite 25

LuxRender plugin now selectable on Blender in Software The official release of Fedora 25 Design Suite is nearby with the following changes: Inheriting the features from Fedora Workstation, it is now possible to rename several files. Blender just reaches 2.78a with several bugs fixes. Non-western speaking users will delight the issues related to the interface is fixed. LuxRender plugin for Blender  is updated to 1.6 bring new features. That version no longer supports 32 bit architectures known as x86. In addition, the plugin is now visible as addon for Blender in Software . Sadly, Yafaray plugin for Blender is currently retired from the Fedora repository thus dropped from the default selection. It is still available for the previous release. The plan is to bring it back for the next release as I took over as packager. Some applications like Gpick are unable to properly run on the default Wayland session and needs X session. New fonts are available Grand Hotel and Mol