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Showing posts from January, 2015

gimp-paint-studio addon soon on Gnome Software Center

Image speaks itself. gimp-paint-studio package just got an metainfo needed for Gnome Software Center as add-on for Gimp based on related Richard Hughes' blog . The updated package will be shortly available in Rawhide and also in Fedora 21 updates-testing repository . It will not be included for Fedora 20 due  to the preview release of Gnome Software lacking addons support. Next step will be contacting upstream adding that metainfo.  Hopefully other add-ons maintainers for applications such as Inkscape and Blender will do the same to bring a richful experiences to users.

Fedora Activity Day Design Team - Day 1

A quick summary of the events. I met some Mofamiliar and new faces behind their IRC nickname including gnokii which is strong sense of humour and pro-active. The process was about reorganizing the Design Team by priority of the project. Mo covered the brainstorming where the rough task is pictured on The complete edited version will follow soon.