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Looking at Fedora 20 Design Suite and onward

The latest itteration of Design Suite was successful using the latest stable release of Gnome 3.10.x. This time the testing went much better with some fixes to address. The goal to include applications with the style of Adobe Creative Suite is nearly complete with: Gimp (Photoshop), Inkscape (Illustrator and Framework), Scribus(InDesign), Premiere (PiTiVi), Acrobat (Evince, PDFShuffle, Xournal), in addition of Paints, Blender 3D and Hugin. Looking at the future release, here are some possible updates to implements:Add more categories for Gnome Shell (see How to enable categories in Gnome 3.8 Shell application menu),More plugins for Gimp notably gimp-separate+ for rudimentary CMYK support although Scribus does a better job,Inclusion of Tweak Tools. I personally think that application should be part of Setting Tools and possibly renamed as Advanced Settings,More Gnome 3.12 features Stay tuned...