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Vanlug report

Back from Vanlug meeting. There were about 40 people attending to the event. Most of audiences use Debian distribution. However, they were very open as some of them did not touch Fedora Core since the first release. I felt nervous for the presentation but it went very well. I took the opportunity to demonstrate Sugar interface from OLPC project, a presentation of Fedora Core 6 and the subproject. Too bad I did not the livespin of Fedora Core 6. I left my business card for the contact to the project. Overal, it was a very good experience

Getting ready for Vanlug

Busy weekend. I just took a break for making a presentation of Fedora Core 6 and Fedora Project for Vancouver Linux Users Group which will debut on November 20, 2006. A local computer store was kind enough to give me a laptop for the demonstration of Fedora Core 6 (Zod) live spin and Sugar interface from OLPC Project. Should you be interested to view that event and live near Vancouver, here is the address .

Vanlug Meeting

Vancouver Linux Users Group recently updated the website for the meeting. The presentation will focus on Fedora Core 6 and some facets of Fedora Project from Artwork to LiveCD. Vanlug is one of the largest group in the world. This event will be a first as Fedora Ambassador for Vancouver, Canada. down

If some readers tried to email me, they will receive a bounce back. The reason is explained from Lik Sang that was my long time host server. I already get a new local host server and the email service should resume soon. Currently, the alternate email is