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radeontop available in Fedora repository

RadeonTop landed on Fedora repository for some time. It is a text user interface input displaying the information of AMD Radeon graphic card. To use it, first install from the terminal sudo dnf install radeontop Then start sudo radeontop Bonus, radeontop can display information in colour as well by simply executing sudo radeontop -c

Fedora 24 Design Suite available

Following the previous blog about missing Design Suite on the release, the Quality Assurance team made it possible for Fedora 24. Feel free to download it , play with it and read about the features . Sadly due to a bug from the new Fedora building system caused by dnf, all plugins for Gimp, Inkscape and Blender are missing for this Design Suite. They can be installed via Gnome Software or through command line.

Fedora Design Suite 24 status

Bad news: Design Suite image for Fedora 24 will be unavailable as default on the official release due to several issues linked to the livemedia building system I have no control. Possible workaround: on the slight good news, recent successful built image is available for testing although it did not make the cut for the general release. Unfortunately, due to a bug inside the packaging manager dnf , add-ons are missing for both Blender, Gimp and Inkscape. Worse, by the time I applied the workaround , the freeze status for Labs release was in effect with the migration of kickstart system to Pagure . Alternate method will be to download and install Fedora Workstation then apply the command from the terminal sudo dnf group install design-suite Difference is missing documentations related to Design Suite and supplemental wallpapers. The focus is now toward Fedora 25 where all unexpected kinks will be sorted out.

Readying Fedora 24 Design Suite

Inspired by the article from Fedora Magazine , Design Suite received more treatment for Fedora 24 release. Among the features are: Gimp gained new plugins: Layer via Copy/Cut and Save on Web now available on Fedora repository gimpfx-foundry returns from retirement in repository Resynthesizer for Gimp in Fedora now updated to 2.0 Inclusion Gthumb for easier renaming image files on the live media Darktable is now easier to access via the main dock on Gnome Shell. A big thanks to Riley Brandt for the feedback , Design Team other Fedora contributors notably  Gil Cattaneo and Mukundan Ragavan for making missing packages available.