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echo-icon-theme now part of Fedora Rawhide

English Echo, the icon theme successors of Bluecurve is now available on Fedora Rawhide thanks to Fedora developers. Simply do the command: yum --enablerepo=development install echo-icon-theme The icon set is currently incomplete but impatient users can give a try. They will be more from Artwork team who also needs assistances from contributors, artist and musicians (for sound theme). Français Echo, le successeur du theme icone Bluecurve est maintenant disponible sur la Fedora Rawhide grace aux développeurs de Fedora. Éxecutez cette commande: yum --enablerepo=development install echo-icon-theme Ce paque d'icones est incomplet mais les utilisateurs impatients peuvent l'essayer. Si vous voulez contribuer au développement d'Echo, prière d'assister l'équipe de Artwork.

Calling for Desktop Environment artists, users and developers

Fedora Core 6 artwork is completed. Now Artwork team is focusing on Fedora Core 7. As Artwork team is working on Echo icons, we need more participation from different desktop environments (From KDE to XFCE) users/developers in order to test Echo icons. People using DE not including in Fedora Extras like Enlightement are also welcome to join. We also considering to revamp the GTK theme to take advantage of Cairo backend engine so we need to get mockups for comparison. It does not have to be like a glass theme as something that is really original is welcome too. Interested people can join the mail list at

Running OLPC emulator

Running the OLPC interface emulator via QEMU. The system booted under 10 seconds with most of services disabled. The interface is very simple without some tooltips due to its works in progress nature. It will be a matter of time where future version of Fedora will hugely benefit from OLPC in term of memory and light weight.

Canonical seeks profit from free Ubuntu

The Canonical mimicking previous attempts years ago . Canonical decided to take approach Red Hat, Suse and Mandriva tried five years ago. While that strategy might work in short term, the quality and the support will suffer at the long term because the staff will be overstreched and there will be a significant loss of money. It takes years to get a certifications on enterprise level.