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Showing posts from October, 2007

XO B4 with Arabic Keyboard

Writing a blog from a XO B4 replacing the B2 who got electrical issue. I never expected to write with an Arabic keyboard and the layout position started from right when using Write activity. It will weird for someone used for latin style of writing but it is fun. Browsing is much faster now.

Digital Illustration class

Third week of Illustration class. I don't like the software much although I am learning new skills that can be transferable on Inkscape. Version 0.45 lacks blending mode and is available on development version. I noticed Adobe Illustrator allows grouping the layers so it is easier to organize them without so much effort. I wish Inkscape can perfectly import ai files from CS2 (it only has Illustrator 8 format). Currently, I save these exercises in ai and svg (File->Save as Web in Illustrator CS2) so I can work on Inkscape. What does it relate to the project? Expect improvement on echo-icon-theme which is planned for Fedora 9 and future artwork.