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Showing posts from December, 2005

Fedora rawhide theme

All I can say about the incoming Fedora Core 5 Test 2 theme is: wow. The bootspash screen, the login session screen and the wallpaper got a nice treatment courtesy of Diana Fong, a Red Hat graphic design. Only downside are the icons that seems to look out of place. I wonder if there are decent artists that can make icons for the whole desktop environment (Gnome, KDE, XFCE to name a few).

Gdesklets available on Fedora Extras

At last, gdesklets version 0.35.2 is available on Fedora Extras for all architectures. Rawhide version did not build due to the new dependancies caused by the modular X11R7. I fixed it by adding libXau and libXdmcp development as Build requirement. Thank you Fedora developers for making gdesklets possible on Fedora and I am glad to have Warren Togami as sponsor.

srpms gdeskets

I decided to display the srpms I have done for Fedora Extras extras. It is my first package I built from scratch. As the result, it took me 21 rebuilts especially related to the symlink. I had to use some hacks until I found a way to do a better symlink. The binary is functional though. Have fun rebuilding it. I am open to improve the spec files. gdesklets-0.35.2-21.src.rpm

First blog

Ahem.... 1...2..3... My first contact with the world of blog aka livejournal. I am currently involved in Fedora Project. Current objectives are translating Fedora Project website in French. Fortunately, there is another french translator so the task will be much easier. I am currently waiting for gdesklets packages to be reviewed further now that I got sponsorshed by Warren Togami, Fedora Project founder and Red Hat employee. It tooks me 21 compiles to make sure gdesklets follows Fedora Extras norm. From, I learned the existance of adesklets . Hopefully someone will choose to port this package for Fedora Extras.