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Showing posts from June, 2006 extension problem with Firefox on Fedora

There is an extension from that provide more details about world cup football (soccer in North America) result. Unfortunately, it won't install on Fedora version of Firefox even though it is 1.5.x.y. It looks like a bug from joga,com. I submitted a bug report so hopefully will fix it. Joga football extension ---- fournit une extension de resultat de la coup du monde de football. Malheureusemnt, cette extension ne fonctionne pas sur la version Fedora de Firefox. J'ai envoyé un courriel à concernant le problème. Pourvu que le bogue soit fix&eacute.

Poll about New icon set for Fedora

Following MrTom's (Thomas Canniot) suggestion, a poll is posted on about the new icon sets theme for Fedora Core. The feedback are worth a reading as it might provide some point to improve. Hopefully this kind of information will be useful for Diana Fong and Máirín Duffy.

Today World Cup 2006

Togo team played well despite the loss against Korea Republic 2-1 and less player. Let's hope they can do better. France and Switzerland made a scoreless tie. The former lack some finess while the latter made a excellent job on defense. Brazil won against Croatia 1-0. Although the former didn't play their full potential, the latter didn't give up and manage to cause trouble on Brazilian defense.

Experimenting XGL on Fedora Core 5

Thanks to Fedora XGL repository blog , my FC5 x86_64 is now running XGL. One notice change is the removal of window tab preference inside Desktop--> Preference --> Themes. The animation is quite impressive as it reminds the Luminocity experiment provided by Seth Nickell and company. As pointed out before, XGL requires hardware accelerator and extras dependancies such as xorg-x11-server-xgl. On a system running with a AMD Athlon 64 3200+, 1GB of RAM and a Nvidia Geforce 5600XT, the performance is good with very few ram consumption. I haven't a chance to test AIGLX as the open source version of Nvidia driver "nv" is not supported at the moment. It appears these technologies demonstrate how fast the open source projects evolve.

La Coupe du Monde de Football 2006 a commençé

Being a great football (not soccer, I wonder who came with this word fan, I can't resist to watch one of match. Currently Germany leads 2-1 agaisnt Costa Rica. Étant un fanatique de football (soccer, connais pas), je ne peux resister à regarder l'une des match. Présentement, l'Allemagne mène 2-1 contre Costa Rica.