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gnome-shell and plasma

Following my comment about gnome-shell useless with nouveau driver , I installed KDE for testing Plasma about 3D as suggested by Kevin. As expected, effects will not work with OpenGL enabled for composing. What I did not know before is the presence of XRender option for Plasma that give those effects in glory. That test brings a question about gnome-shell: why Gnome development did not use XRender as fallback option or even providing that option? Enlightenment can least produce some similar effects without requiring hardware acceleration.

gnome-shell useless with nouveau driver

Running rawhide 20090924 from desktop system , I test gnome-shell to explore its features (seems Activities name is inspired from Sugar interface . Very disappointing because the shell needs hardware acceleration i.e 3D support. Even Sugar interface did a much better job despite its simple look. Picture speaks itself.

[inkscape]: do not upgrade to libxml2-2.7.4-1

libxml2-2.7.4-1 which is available on test-update and rawhide seems to be broken preventing Inkscape to run. Should you attempt to dowgrade that package, make sure to downgrade packagekit, setroubleshoot and system-config-printer first, otherwise temporally remove them. Bug report has been submitted and hopefully should be fixed.

Testing nouveau driver with Armacycle

Armacycle is basically a renamed Armagetron Advanced for Fedora due to trademark concert. That game is perhaps overlooked by many users because it provides an excellent benchmark for free and open source drivers (nouveau in this case) with a lot of parameter to adjust. It might work on other system like XO-1 with lower resolution considering the RAM limit but that is another story. The system is a Nvidia Geforce 7800GS powered by AMD Athlon X2 4200 2.2GHZ running on nforce 3 based motherboard. The operating system is Fedora Rawhide. In fullscreen mode, the game only runs in average on 7-10 fps but four times faster in desktop mode using default setting (640x480 with 16bit colours). An idea comes to list benchmark in order to improve those FOSS driver with the following list: - Desktop, laptop? - CPU: - GPU: - Smolt information - Average frame per second with following setting - default: - Screen Mode setting: Windows size, resolution, z-buffer, fullscreeen, color - Preferences: effec