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Bad, bad preupgrade!!

Writing from Rawhide about my frustration on preupgrade when it comes for triple boot. I have Microsoft Windows XP (used for Flash development and games) on first HDD, Fedora 10 on second HDD on which Grub reside in MBR and the now upgraded Rawhide on third HDD where its grub is set at the beginning of its partition and preupgrade occured. Somehow, preupgrade also overwrite the first Grub it should not touch; it should only update the last grub from the third HDD. boot folder from the second HDD containing Fedora 10 is empty. How should I restore the boot folder from Fedora 10 now that kernel from Fedora 10 is good and practically linked with rawhide? See the image below I submitted a bug report and let hope that problem will be resolved as soon as possible.

New printer - Nouvelle imprimante

English After four years in service, Epson Stylus CX4600 printer was retired due to mechanical issue. It participated to the evolution of Gutenprint, a universal printer driver. HP Photosmart C4180 is the new printer faster and better support thanks to HP for releasing their drivers under open license. French Après quatre ans de service, l'imprimante Epson Stylus CX4600 est rétirée en raison de problème mćanique. Elle a participé à l'évolution de Gutenprint, le pilote universelle pour imprimante. HP Photosmart C4180 est son succésseur plus rapide avec un meilleur support courtoisie de HP.