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Showing posts from September, 2013

Trying Ogg Opus

Looking at the audio format, I learned about Ogg Opus , the successor of Vorbis. I was impressed with the sound quality at lower bitrate and the fact it uses much lower latency suitable for realtime streamer and VOip. The fact Opus is the audio standard prompted to slowly convert some of music collection I have. Reading Auphonic website about the comparison against MP3 , the sound quality is even noticeable meaning it is very usable online. I will see Opus use in much broader audience, its patent-free advantage is a welcome change toward audio industry especially mobile devices. I hope upstream will switch to that format.

Testing Gnome Software

The current graphical interface for PackageKit, gpk-update-viewer and gpk-application, found on Gnome Shell for Fedora 19 will be replaced by Gnome Software in the 20 release. Running the early version through virtualization shows the potential of become more user-friendly. The appearance is a mix of early Google Play formely Marketplace and Ubuntu Software Center itself derived from Linspire Click-n Run The category is much better structured in, for instance, Graphics grouping sub-categories like Photography. Currently, Gnome Software is still in progress but functional enough to do install/update/remove.