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FUDcon Toronto 2009 Summary

First FUDcon I ever attended as Fedora contributor in Toronto. It was not only a fruitful experience but also seeing some familiar faces. Adam Holt from OLPC gave me a prototype of XO-1.5 that I immediately run side by side with the regular XO. Only notable physical difference is the simplified touchpad much like regular laptop but more rugged to prevent water infiltration. For the Sugar interface, the boot process is much faster on XO-1.5 than its predecessor thanks to the updated specification and the storage has been increased to 4GB instead of 1GB. Another difference is Gnome is more responsive and Firefox is included by default instead of Midori. Perhaps Gnome desktop environment needs to be lighter but other alternate like XFCE and LXDE already fill the gap. XO-1.5 is promising and I am looking to explore more about the machine and the software as designer (already updated to latest build and downloading the new Sugar on Stick Bluebbery). Having so much listed presentations on a

From FUDCon, setting up Fedora 13 Artwork

Due to the poor network in Seneca College, my message will be short. Final release name is known as Goddard, American scientist behind one of first rockets using liquid fuel . Fedora 13 Artwork wiki has been created as kick-off for designers. Feel free to submit your concept as sketch, illustration, collage as long it follow the theme related to rocketry, space, galaxies.