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Campivisivi's Titillium fonts soon on/bientôt sur Fedora

English Titillium typeface or fonts is now packaged for Fedora and should land on Rawhide repository followed by Fedora 19 and 18 as well EPEL repository.  Because Fedora 17 will reach the end of life support at the end of July 2013, the package is not included for that release. Français La police de caractère Titillium est empaqueté pour Fedora et devra arriver au dépôt Rawhide suivi de ceux de Fedora 19 et 18 ainsi que le dépôt EPEL. Puisque Fedora 17 vient à terme à la fin du mois de juillet 2013, le paquet n'est pas inclus.

Firefox on/sur Gnome Shell

English: Want Firefox to looks like Gnome Web? Français: Desirez-vous Firefox paraître comme Gnome Web Integration Firefox Gnome Shell Theme: Gnome 3 Omnibar Integrates location bar and search bar into one. Shows search and url suggestions. HTitle Status-4-Evar: Status bar widgets and progress indicators FxButton Change menu and give an opportunity to move "Firefox" button.

Fedora Design Suite 19

English Fedora 19 is officially released including all available spins. Design Suite, free of Live CD size constraint, can be used through either DVD or USB drive (2GB minimum). Based on latest stable Gnome Shell, the spin now includes several new tools by default like Gpick for colour selection, Hugin for panoramic pictures, pdfShuffler for add/remove pdf files and Bluefish for web design. Unfortunately, Cinepaint failed to start due to bugz #904256 , other packages runs smoothly. You can download it via this channel . Design package in Fedora has been updated to closely match the spin version with additional typefaces like Comfortaa, Adobe Source Sans Pro and Overpass. That package is suitable for those wanting to use a different desktop environment. Français Fedora 19 est officiellement sortie incluant les variants connus sous le nom de spin. La Suite Design, libre des contraintes de la taille du CD, peut être utilisé sur un DVD ou un lecteur USB. Basée sur la dernière version