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Running ROCm on AMD Raven Ridge Mobile

The HP Envy x360 Convertible powered with Ryzen 2500U turned out an impressive laptop for Fedora 29 despite some issues like lack of accelerometer driver for Linux kernel and some ACPI related problems seemly affecting majority of HP laptops. AMD recently released ROCm 2.0 enabling the support of Raven Ridge Mobile for the first time. The installation has to be clean (remove beignet and pocl)  and requires additional dependency not found on Fedora repository, pth located on COPR . Once completed and rebooted, rocminfo should runs as follow: /opt/rocm/bin/rocminfo  =====================     HSA System Attributes     =====================     Runtime Version:         1.1 System Timestamp Freq.:  1000.000000MHz Sig. Max Wait Duration:  18446744073709551615 (number of timestamp) Machine Model:           LARGE                               System Endianness:       LITTLE                              ==========                HSA Agents                ==========           

Improving HP Envy x360 convertible on Linux: the missing accelerometer driver

If you own an HP laptop equipped with AMD processor, you may find out the auto-rotation will not work as intended. It turned out that sensor is missing a driver not currently available on Linux kernel using the lspci -nn command from the terminal 03:00.7 Non-VGA unclassified device [0000]: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD] Device [1022:15e4]     That driver in question is AMD Sensor Fusion HUB . Unfortunately, researching it turned out harder even on AMD own website . Bug is already filed without answer yet from one of AMD representative.