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2008 report

2008 was an interesting yet as Fedora contributor despite a busy session for Graphic Design course. I almost felt exhausted like never before with a combination of exercises such as Capoeira. As one of Echo icon theme developers, it was almost hard despite a good effort from Martin. Because of the use of axonometric projection, the theme did not make to Fedora 10 release. Echo perspective was started and will require more intensive reworks derived from its axonometric counterpart. I am taking a break in order to recover from mind stress and exhaustion. On the other part, I took leadership from Display team from FedoraOnXO while tracking project from One Laptop Per Child. That is how 2008 was from my perspective.

No network on Fedora 10 x86_64 (the sequel)

Following the saga about lack of Network on Gigabyte motherboard running x86_64 with 4 GB RAM support enabled. I have contacted Gigabyte about the issue after upgrading the BIOS to F9G. Apparently, NForce3 250GB seems to be the culprit as it seems to not grasp 64bit DMA. Stay tuned about the report.