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No network on Fedora 9 x86_64 follow up

Following my post related to NetworkManager . I have found out about the workaround. If you have x86_64 system with 4GB support enabled, you should disable it in order to make NetworkManager work. I am not sure if that bug affects other distributions so, possibly the bug may be related to the x86_64 kernel. Let see if my theory can be verified.

No network on Fedora 9 x86_64

Using a x86_64 DVD version of Fedora 9, I have installed the system and noticed an issue: the network is not active when trying to use third-party repository. For some unknown reason, the network is not using Ethernet despite manually setting the IP. I had submitted a bug report and followed suggestion: still no online access even with NetworkManager disabled. The same issues also occured on... Fedora 8. The Ethernet adapter is a integrated Marvell Yukon on the motherboard, it ran fine on Fedora 7 and i386 version of Fedora 9 using network install. Hopefully this issue will be resolved soon.

Small notes about Fedora 9

The new sounds effect on Gnome desktop environment is refreshing. At home, the x86_64 DVD version is seeded now that I have a T1 connection and have upgraded the DDR-RAM to its maximum (4GB). Being busy with school, I just say: well done team . Next step, bring Echo icon theme for Fedora 10 and get more artists involved. For some reasons on Fedora 9 RC, Inkscape has issues with selecting the typeface and Scribus does not have a default paragraph style . Hopefully those bugs have been rectified.