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Fedora 14 Theme: concepts feedback

English Design team has kicked off concepts for Laughling release theme quoted: Something that can illustrate the emergence concept, like multiple objects combined to create a new one (more complex) . Feedback (refer to this guide ) is needed until the deadline which is July 30, 2010. Current list of concepts (be in mind they are not final for the release) and newest version will be added until July 6, 2010: Background Concept - Kyle Baker Floral Mosaic - María "tatica" Leandro Atomos - María "tatica" Leandro Wires - Jayme Ayres Concept - Mythcat SecConcept 2 - Mythcat Concept Kyle Blender - Kyle Baker Concept01 - H. Height Français L'équipe Design a commencé les modèles sur le thême de sortie Laughling: quelques choses pouvant illustrer l'émergence des concepts, une combinaison des objets multiplies créant un nouvel objet voire complexe . Les critiques sont nécessaires jusqu'à écheance du 30 juillet 2010. La liste des concepts couran

MgOpen Modata and/et accents

English I like MgOpen Modata fonts (or typeface). Unfortunately, it does not have accents glyph on its list making useless for French articles. French J'adore la police MgOpen Modata. Malheureusement, elle ne dispose pas d'accents ce qui la rend inutile pour les articles francophones.