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Design Suite ready for Fedora 19

English Design suite for Fedora 19 will be available in few days. That is my first ever spin release for the community as a maintainer. You can view the features which are based on Gnome Shell 3.8. Please give a try using either a DVD or USB. Thank you for the Spins Special Interest Group for helping working on this project which was an uncharted territory for my skills.

List of yum commands in Fedora 19

Displayed version of yum: $ yum --version 3.4.3 Installed: yum-3.4.3-95.fc19.noarch Here is a list (incomplete because of missing documentation about autoremove ) List of Commands: check Check for problems in the rpmdb check-update Check for available package updates clean Remove cached data deplist List a package's dependencies distribution-synchronization Synchronize installed packages to the latest available versions downgrade downgrade a package erase Remove a package or packages from your system groups Display, or use, the groups information help Display a helpful usage message history Display, or use, the transaction history info Display details about a package or group of packages install Install a package or packages on your system langinfo List languages information langinstall Install appropriate language packs for a language langlist List