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Expanding waves animation

Following Máirín blog , I took occasion create a set of eight wallpapers (wave-testXX) displaying rippling effects . Each set represent the time of day from sunrise to right. For example, sunrise-wave-test00 switches to day-wave-test01 that switches to sunset-wave-test02 that swithces to night-wave-test03 then sunrise-wave-test04. As a result, each wallpapers will be different while still retaining the wave theme giving a quiet dynamic feel. The cure wave-test.xml file is set for a quick animation thus might cause slowdown for low-end desktops and laptops. The work is in progress as bubble and stars are not included and the time of day is not included yet, it should land on Fedora 9 soon. Improvement is welcome.
New address - nouveau courriel My new address is now luyaATfedoraprojectDOTorg Ma nouvelle adresse est luyaAROBASfedoraprojectPOINTorg