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Introducing Design Software SIG

Design Software Special Interest Group (SIG in short) is born to fill the need of actively maintain packages related to design and include those unavailable in Fedora repository. The SIG has a wiki located on which contains information about the mission and its fonctions. A big thank you for the Design Team for approving the initiative and the Infrastructure team for helping to set up the FAS account.

Towards Design Suite Release 20

Hard to believe it is already more than six month I maintained Design Suite. Looking at the previous release, I have been encouraged by some Suite users about the successful launch despite a minor issue from some applications notably Cinepaint. I missed the first ever Flock event as I deemed unready to present the suite yet and I had other commitments. However, Máirín's excellent recap allowed me to follow the activities of the project for more inspirations. For the 20th release of Fedora, I looked at similar suite like Ubuntu Studio website for inspiration purpose. Showing the application with pictures are good highlights meaning the Wiki section will have some updates. Design Suite using Gnome Shell as a base will enable the category, customize the dock to highlight the main graphical applications and include some tutorials. New applications and plugins for Gimp and an extension for Inkscape named sozi are added. One of package that will be hopefully available on repositor