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Debate on Fedora-Devel list That topic on Fedora-Devel list reminds the 4KSTACK saga that was not supported by Nvidia for 4 months in Fedora Core 2 time. What is also interesting was the Xorg 7.1 breakage with current Nvidia drivers are done by a Nvidia developer. Complaining that a third party package won't work on a system like Fedora Core 5 because of Xorg 7.1 is not a good way to solve the problem. After, users relying on closed binary driver can choose to not update.

Broken PC

It has been almost two weeks without PC as the motherboard based on NForce3 broke. Even though it is under warranty, it will take times before getting a brand new one. As a consequence, I cannot work on packages like gdesklets. I will see how I will manage to translate some wikis though.

Coupe du monde 2006: Vive la France

Sans surprise de ma part, la France a remporté la victoire sur le Brésil 1-0 avec sa défense impressionant et se qualifie pour le demi-final contre le Portugal qui a gagné contre l'Angleterre 3-1 sur le penalty. En regardant le match, il est évident que l'équipe française connaissait le ske style brésilien et tient avantage de la faiblesse: limiter l'espace d'ouverture pour les attaquants brésilien. Pour la troisième fois depuis 1986, la France a du succès contre le Brésil ce qui rend fier mon collègue MrTom.