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Food for thought

I will not go in Linux World San Francisco 2007 this year because of Summer class in Graphic Design Foundation. I will manage to get contact via IRC. I owe a review for adesklets . The stop gap I faced is the use of perl command which I am unfamiliar. I may consider to stop packaging it if there is another packagers willing to take over. Working on, it will take longer as the goal is to make it W3C compliant. I will publish the template soon.

So long Zod, welcome Moonshine

It was time to say goodbye to Zod after backing up all my home data. Its soul is still in a DVD so I can retrieve it with Virtual Manager on Moonshine. The installer has a very good artwork. I feel like the layout could be improved. I have not gotten the opportunity to do it but I will prepare it for Fedora 8. One thing I wish to see on the installer is the size of package. Other than that, the installation was uneventful. The new desktop itself is very impressive with its fast-user-switch. It is now possible to switch session while keeping activities from the original. The icons on the upper panel still uses Bluecurve. It should be normally replaced with the default theme which is Mist. I have seen some users complaining about the absence of Echo icon theme, rest assured it is available on the repository. There were new icons added since then, it should be available soon. The blog was written with the LiveCD version that also provides the ability to easily resize Logical Volume Manage