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Gimp and CMYK

Reading an post about CMYK support on Gimp is fascinating. For years, GIMP is my image editor of choice in completion of Krita for web publishing, photography and desktop publishing. The CMYK support debate shows how many designers forgot they mostly work screen in RGB and CMYK is mainly for printing. Because of the different process of ink, there is no guarantee the colours from CMYK will be the same on every printers. Thankfully, majority of printing computer requires RGB file to avoid headache.

Goal for/Objectif pour 2012

English January is already over. For 2012, here is the goals I set: - Improve productivity for design department from identity to magazine. - Daily icon design inspired from artists like Jakub Steiner and more. - Sponsor some free and open source project like Blender with its incoming movie codenamed Mango and Gimp for fully switch to GEGL engine. - For business part, fully expand the use of free and open source tools. - For Fedora Project , work on opened tickets, active participation on Anaconda UI with more refinement, more fonts packaging and active usage of Synfig . Français Le mois de janvier est déjà terminé. Pour 2012, voici les objectifs que je me suis établi: - Amélioration des productivités sur le département infographique de l'identité au magazine. - Dessin quotidien des icônes graphiques inspirés des artistes comme Jakub Steiner et plus. - Subvention des projects des logiciels libre comme Blender pour leur film nom de code Mango et Gimp