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Linux Magazine: Having Yum for Breakfast

Found that article from Linux Magazine titled Having Yum for Breakfast via Distrowatch . According to the test apt-deb easily beats yum. Any comments about result and factors that affect it? From what I understand, apt-deb is static by nature unlike yum (dynamic) which could probably explain faster transaction. Update : Added author's blog related to the article.

Fedora 11 on Xnote LT20 and more

Task done so far: Replaced Windows XP by Fedora 11 on a client's Toshiba Satellite that works out of box except media hotkeys. Completed an article of Fedora 11 for a small magazine editor. Installed Fedora 11 on LG Xnote LT20. Installing Fedora 11 on LT20 note had some trouble start like DVD freezing on first try after doing the test. A second try went smoothly. For the first time, I was able to see the smooth transition of boot process to the login screen unlike my Nvidia powered desktop. Power management works well although the battery consumption seems to be higher than usual (maybe I need to replace it). Suspend and Hibernate flawlessly work. The screen made from Wacom technology works out of box, I only need to set up Gimp and Inkscape to support screen mode although I wish the support is done automatically. Rotating screen was the problem because of the transition went flaky as the width went off screen. The button for rotation will not be recognized and will not work at all

An unexpected surprise

I got a tablet pc (an LG XNote LT20) as a gift for graduation. That tablet is in very good shape and just need to upgrade both hard drive (40GB) and memory (512 MB). After doing research, it looks like the cost will be around CAD 200.00. I am planning to dual boot the system as I need Microsoft Windows for making Flash design along with Fedora 11. I would like to test tablet support on Fedora 11 as it turned out the screen uses Wacom technology. With that notebook, it appears design will be much easier.