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Showing posts from October, 2015

An uncluttered LibreOffice layout

The current default layout Layout with the main toolbar Here is how LibreOffice Writer looks after removing the toolbar and only keep the sidebar located on the right. To achieve that result, set View -> Toolbars -> Standard unchecked. The benefit is a more focused and uncluttered layout without distraction and also more touchscreen friendly. It will be nice that user interface layout will be more responsive depending the size of the screen. This example is made with LibreOffice Writer running on Fedora 23 Release Candidate 3.

Fedora 22 and 23 backgrounds updated with extras

F23-backgrounds is recently updated with the newest wallpapers including extra and is now available in stable repository. Simply update via Software application on latest Fedora 23 Workstation or command pkcon update f23-backgrounds-base f23-backgrounds-extras View the update In addition f22-backgrounds received a much needed update with the inclusion of previous supplemental wallpapers winnners . Please test them for all version to push them to stable release. Here is also the directory for distributions looking to package these wallpapers.