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Showing posts from August, 2006

Tackling gdesklets bugs

I dusted off submitted bugs for gdesklets. Boy, I feel lazy to check out most of them especially after the desktop computer went off and it took a month to get a new motherboard under warranty. After rereading bug #187516 , it turned out to be an upstream issue. Good thing workaround are already published and it is time to update that package including patch. Other bugs like #197122 and #197799 are pratically fixed as well. Unfortunately, this mail report managed to crash the fun so fixed packages will have to wait.

Artwork and X,org 7.1 debate

I almost complete the set of emotes and plan to work on weather icons. Making a cloud through application like Inkscape is challengin than expected. Some of them will be derived from Tango icons. Check out the new Echo emote artwork . The devil-grin emote is scarier than before. I am almost the artwork may not be ready for Fedora Core 6 Final Release as I expected but these new icons will certainly see the day on Fedora Core 7. There is an interesting topic on LWN related with Fedora Board to not bring 7.1 to Fedora Core 5 yet. With the recent release of Nvidia driver , one of the problem is solved. I intend to upgrade from the current Fedora Core 5 to Fedora Core 6 Test 2. I consider triple booting the system but GRUB won't ajust to the current Fedora system forcing me to manually update it.

LinuxWorld San Francisco 2006 epilogue

Finally the LinuxWorld in San Francisco is over. Pratically, all of Fedora Core 5 DVD were gone. As for Fedora among people in the show, Kasten summarized it . I also got the opportunity to try Test 2 of Fedora Core 6. Eclipse crashed during the boot up due to java error. Compared to last year, this exposition was not as exciting. However, it was nice to meet other Fedora contributor like Toshio. Now back to working on project for Fedora Core 6.

Day 1 LinuxWorld San Francisco

I met Jack (just come back from Japan) in Moscone Center, San Francisco, USA and set the equipments. While we were outside, the organizers moved the stuff in another booth due to their mistakes. We are ready for tomorrow exposition though.

Completed set of emotes for Echo package

I completed the set of emotes small and large following Nicu's suggestion about the outlines. I also found a trick to generate a simple shadow for the emotes. According to Diana Fong, "they are so expressive". Good to hear a good feedback after almost spending the night cleaning and rearranging these emotes. Hopefully the theme will make it for Fedora Core 6.

Artwork progress for the new icon set

I spent most of times working on the emotes for Echo themes, the successor of Bluecurve icons. So far I completed the set of the small emotes using Inkscape through a TabletPC. The effort is displayed on Echo Development from the Fedora Project Wiki. As LinuxWorld San Francisco week is near, I hope to complete the larger version before.

A teen user perspective about Linux

I had a discussion with my teen sister about the operating system based on Linux. At first, it was about LinuxWorld. She assumed that this event would means that all people use only Linux. I added that some distros users also have a different operationg system like Windows for exemple so LinuxWorld also appeal for Windows/OSX companies interested to look at a Linux distribution. Second was about the industries. She said most studios use Mac only aside Windows. I pointed out that a Linux distros is also used as server/workstation. Recent case is Halo movie based on videogames. Third discussion was particulary intersesting. The use of MSN messenger. According to her, teens customized the message but it won't show on other applications like GAIM or AMSN. Another point has about a distros. Apparently, it seems that user like my mother is afraid of change. For example, the feel of OpenOffice is different from Office 2000 or Office 2003 mostly because of her environmental work. Oddly eno

Arrival in San Francisco and more

Just arrived in San Francisco. I am currently reside in a small city called Petaluma while waiting LinuxWorld. It looks like this thread reached one of mainstream . It makes me wonder if the debate simply avoids to assume the responsibilty for the system they use and blaming someone.