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echo-icon-theme, libre graphics meetings and olpc xo trial

I spent time to clean svg icons from echo-icon-theme. The reason for the theme not set by default is due to librsvg 2.16.1 bugs found on some icons. I already modified some of them like audio-volume-high with a nice wave effects. The modified svg are already published on the wiki . As a result, creation on new icons is temporally on hold. Next week, I will go to Montreal for Libre Graphics Meeting . Flight ticket and hotel reservation are done. It will be my first time in five years. I have installed a sugar edition of Helix Player. Currently, it does not have a plugins to be played from a browser. I also tested Flash but playing a Youtube clip is jerky. I am now used to type from the XO machine. I intend to display that machine on a mall or small computer store in order to give some attraction about OLPC project.


Last Friday, I received a special machine: the famous OLPC XO-2. A really neat machine. I have tested in a crowded wireless network areas, it work well except some occasional slowdown. Even my mother and sister were impressed and pleased to touch it. So far, the feedback is good. Currently, I have updated to the latest firmware and build 385. Unfortunately, the X session won't boot at all. Guess I will wait for the next build to better support the newest firmware which now allow suspend/resume.

Fedora 7 Test 3 LiveDesktop icons

I am writing this blog from the LiveDesktop Fedora 7 Test 3. I noticed the Echo icon is based on the old version as there is no new icons yet like Browser, Mail. It appears the index.list from Echo tarball is not updated. At this time, I am working on creating a flat keyboard icon close to the OLPC XO version. Some models are available on fedora-art-list . Note that the perspective is not correct which will be fixed later. I will use this model as the base of other variant like character input, keyboard shortcut to name few. On EchoDevelopment wiki , I noticed there is no name like shutdown. In that case, I will create a name for these new icons. Stuck with daily working life, the team is doing in best to complete the base stock icons along with the new cursor.