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Showing posts from October, 2008

Bottle package concept

Early concept of what I am currently do for school project. All it remains to do is painting, sticking and some refinement. I had to prepare another version based on Japanese Pop Art (stumbled on it while looking for Pop Art movement).

Pretty boot with Nvidia on Fedora 10 Beta?

Currently, only Radeon R500 and higher users will get kernel modesetting by default. There is work in progress to provide modesetting for R100 and R200. Additionally, Intel kernel modesetting drivers are in development, but not turned on by default. I managed to get a pretty graphical boot from Plymouth only using vga=0x318 on grub line with Nvidia Geforce 7800GS using latest rawhide update (it already got Fedora 10 Beta). I don't know how to grab a screenshot from boot. Update screenshots