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Getting ready for FUDCon Toronto

My first ever live participation FUDCon will occur in Toronto. It will be the first I will travel to that city in Winter. It will be also my first I will see some familiar faces like Mo (Libre Graphic Meeting 2007 in Montreal) and Spot (Linux World San Francisco 2005). Reservations are essential done. Now looking for roommate in hotel.

Comment about bugz#534047

After deeply checking about the fuzz on bug # 534047 , I think the reaction is exaggerated. The default policy from PolicyKit applies for single user that can install signed package from official repository without root password but unsigned packages need authentification. Grab any unsigned package and test yourself . For multiple user account, setting policy is the key.

Fedora 12 on/sur Tablet PC

English Fedora 12 release is cleanly installed on Tablet PC and the backup is fully restored despite the mishap from pybackpack application due to its inability to use CD/DVD. The whole installation was smooth. I notice both Keyboard and Language selection can be combined on the same page and am planning for a mockup. The stylus is fully supported out of box which has become a norm for me as art (designer is an artist). Gone is the tweaking of xorg.conf. On negative side is the backlight that will stay in low level and the hotkey will not work after either suspend or hibernation of laptop. Screen cannot be rotated out of box in Tablet mode and some keys will not be recognized . Français La sortie Fedora 12 est nettement installé sur la TabletPC et les archives restorés malgré les problèmes de l'application pybackpack en raison du manque de support de CD/DVD. L'installation complète est sans histore. J'ai remarqué que les pages Clavier et Langage peuvent être combinées e

Fun with Tablet

Echoing Nicu, Mo, Kusha and Marìa.