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Showing posts from March, 2013

Upgrade to Fedora 19 branch

My venerable Toshiba Satellite C650D got upgraded from Fedora 18 to Fedora 19 branch using yum because fedup-cli command could not update the kernel with either --instrepo or --skipkernel paramenter. The upgrade also fixed an outstanding issue related to the lagging Nautilus file manager while opening inside Gnome Shell (now version 3.8). A welcome change on that release is the ability to control notification messages, search and privacy (better late than never). Switching to different keyboard input is much easier with Super+Space (English, French, Japanese). The new user interface for system setting seen on Network, is easier for the eyes in term of readability. The crash report known as ABRT received a new interface but needed some refinement layout side although it is much better than the previous version found on Fedora 18. An year and half annoying issue is the inability of Calendar to recognize Thunderbird Lightning. I installed Ligthning extension and still no dice...

Design Suite update

English Initial revamping of Design Suite is completed with approval from Design Team. Nightly compose is currently broken but the local built currently resulted an "Oh no!" message. I took over gpick (much needed)for review but no reviewer yet. gimp-seperate+ is underway but the submitter is currently ill. I guess making Design Suite more professional is still a long way...