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Showing posts from May, 2006

Becoming Fedora Ambassador

After a year of contribution to Fedora Project and also Fedora News, I decided to become Fedora Ambassador of Vancouver, Canada. One thing I will have to deal is some people are very afraid of change. The task might be challenging but a small action can make a big leap.

Sun's promise to open source Java vs GCJ

According to this Press Release via OS News , it appears Sun Microsystems allow the redistribution of their Java development for Linux distributions under a new license called Operation System Distributor's License for Java or in short "Distro License for Java". Currently, only binaries are licensed as the source code is not available for the public although SUN promise to open source Java . I wonder if that announcement will affect the whole GCJ on which Fedora Project is focusing. Pour les francophones: Selon cette note de presse via OS News, Sun Microsystems permet la redistribution des binaires Java pour les distribution de Linux sous la nouvelle license nomm&ecaute;e License des distros pour Java . Je me demande si cette annonce affectera le développement de GCJ.